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That was brilliant, very creative!

I dig this, the music, the art and cool easter eggs.

What the ..

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Derp-dee-derp responds:

That seems to be the consensus after watching this cartoon hah...

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Nice job man, i like what you did with it. Cant help but feel like it would feel better with a controller. Does it support that?

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Fun game for a short while but it laacks depth, Like the other guy said, Upgrades and a career mode would greatly improve that. Plus there needs to be more skill involved it feels like i dont have enough controll.

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I like the melody when that comes in it has a nice vibe, you obviously have a good ear for music. However that's why i get a little confused because imo the whole thing is let down by the mix clipping/distorting so badly. You must of been red lining the entire time, im kinda suprised you didnt notice/hear/see this. If you look at the waveform in the player you can see all the peaks have been cut off which gives the whole track a very over compressed and lifeless dynamic and of corse distorted which is a shame because i stops the full potentional of the track from shining through.
Please dont take this as hate as i like the music but i heard this and then thought dang, if only the mix was clean.

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I really like the sounds and flavour you are going for here, makes me want to do some ninja moves. My only criticism would be that the right panned snare type sound is a little distracting being so far out there.

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Pr0tagonist responds:

Yeah, that's a fair criticism. I don't have a stereo imager so I pan by ear. I guess I never noticed how far it was panned.

Thanks for the review 8bh!

Nice sounds/melodies and some good head bopping moments. I think mix/master area could use some work though. For example the whole mix sounds very squashed and over compressed. You can see that in the waveform too. I know maybe it was what you were going for since its a dubsteppy/electro track but even with that in mind its still too compressed for my tastes.

The only other point i would add is for me it felt like it went on a bit too long i think around 3.50mins would of been plenty long enough. Of course this is just my opinion and you dont have to listen to me, i'm no expert :)

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FlashFyre responds:

Yeh I'm pretty bad at mixing :P

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Wowzers in my trowsers.

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I like it, kinda reminds me of a stained glass window.

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Great work!

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