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I got front paged once. It was amazing.

Message them and ask them how do they do it.Maybe get some hints that will get more people to notice you.This place isn't that well known so them being air-heads seems far-fetched.

I have considered this and it is a good idea. I do feel a little weird doing it though, i guess that's whats held me off trying that.

Having said all that it seems i have just been front paged lol. I guess sometimes you gotta speak up for the gods of newgrounds to hear you. <3

I feel you man. This is somewhat of a trend everywhere to be honest, where big notorious creators crushing down all the smaller ones. This is somewhat an issue and Its really hard finding a way how to fend it off.

One thing is try to engage with others and hopefully someone takes his time to check out your content, likes it, fave it whatever and that MIGHT help you spread your influence a little but that way youre relying on others to help you.

Unofrutnately, going the natural way and just hoping people will randomly go through your stuff... idk I got this gut feel it just doesnt work anyway and you gotta put extra effort somewhere else to make it work.

Yeah i agree, it does happen in most places. For example i have noticed a lot of youtube promo channels will straight up ignore you simply because you are lesser known and are less likely to draw in as many views as a bigger artist. Of course quality control is an important thing and i'm not pro level yet but some of my favourite artists are tiny and yet the quality of their work is very high.

@8-bitheroes LOL! That feel when you "bitch" a little and theres an immediate response is very familiar to me :D

Its nice to know someone is listening though, even if i feel a little silly now haha.

@Ratcaller @8-bitheroes Dont feel silly, it can get frustrating over a long period of time and I totally understand that. Anyway congrats again and enjoy!

@Ratcaller @8-bitheroes Yeah, I wish a had a chance to do the same thing on youtube where I can easily browse for unknown, undiscovered video makers and give em a little support cause I know personally how just a fucking comment can improve someones day :3

I know I'm both late and nobody, but...

About this: "I have considered this and it is a good idea. I do feel a little weird doing it though, i guess that's whats held me off trying that."...

Tbh, the few artists I have PMd (for random reasons) have been incredibly nice to me, and didn't make me feel awkward at all, even though I'm just a random guy on the internet. One of them I didn't even know how big he actually was, until much later. I think you should try it, if only to break the monotony of the current quarantine. As long as you are respectful, I can't see it going wrong.

Have a nice day

I'm glad you got a front page after writing this. I agree with what you said. I suggest posting such posts in the audio forum in the future; it might feel uncomfortable, but that action is more likely to elicit responses from people who can foster change.

Very true, thanks for reading!